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Attract Wealth and Luck by placing Aquarium- Vastu Tips for Aquarium

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An aquarium is used especially to enhance money, career and luck. If used properly in the right direction, it brings wealth and abundance in the home.
Now the question comes where it should be placed to get the best of the results?

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Well, the aquarium should be placed in a place which is in front of the house to attract more wealth and abundance. The second best position is to place an aquarium in North direction or East. This will bring luck and health to your home. Aquarium in South East area attracts wealth and money.

So far numbers are concerned, try to keep 9 fishes in the aquarium. Out of these 9 fishes, 8 should be Arrowana commonly known as dragon fish. Or, you can also place 8 Goldfishes. Plus 1 fish should be blackfish. Blackfish absorb all the negative energy and destroys it before it enters your home.


  1. Fishes should be healthy and attractive. Keep the aquarium well aerated and do regular cleaning as well.
  2. Keep aquarium well lighted and place some beautiful attractive stones.
  3. An aquarium eliminates all the negativity from your home and attracts positivity.
  4. Feed them properly at regular intervals as feeding hungry fishes also add to our good Karma.


  1. Never place an aquarium in the bedroom. This may lead to sleeping disorders.
  2. Similarly, avoid placing it in the kitchen as this may lead to health-related issues.
  3. Never place an aquarium in the center of your house.





posted Jul 5 by Garima Rima

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What we think and with what intent we think to attract money is the secret of manifestation. But there are other ways also to attract wealth and prosperity just by modifying the placements or interiors of our home. One of the tools to become rich and attract wealth is using the Vastu Shastra. Below are some key tips to attract money to your home:

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  • Keep the centre of your house clutter free and empty as this is the Brahmasthan area in any house.
  • Make the storeroom in South West or West zone of your house.
  • Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi like cleanliness so ensure that all the windows and doors of the house are properly cleaned. If not, they will obstruct the flow of money and wealth inside your house.
  • Never keep leaking taps in the house. Since water is symbolic of money so it is believed that if water is getting waste then money is also getting wasted.
  • If you are keeping a fountain then make sure that the water is not stagnant and always flowing. Place water fountain in the North East direction of the house.
  • Place the cash almirah or locker in the Southwest or South wall so that it opens in the North. This is the direction of Lord Kuber. It is believed that Lord Kuber refills the cash almirah so this is how you attract money.
  • Never place big or high trees in the Northeast direction outside your home as this creates an obstacle for the cash inflow.
  • Feeding birds in your plot’s yard attract wealth and positive energy


We don't provide professional Vastu advice. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. See additional information.

We don't provide professional Vastu advice. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. See additional information.