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Flat directions

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My name is Puneet Jain, DOB : October 31, 1976. Can I purchase a flat (Lily Block, Flat No. 103) of South facing whose Kitchen is in SE direction, Puja room is in East, 3 Bedroom are in NE, NW & West directions, living room is in SW, dining room is in the middle of the flat & balconies are in North direction.

Please give your suggestions.

Thanks & regards,

Puneet Jain

posted Jan 23 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes
You can purchase this flat. It seems to be a good.

S. Rajahgopaal
Vassthu & cosmic divine energy consultant
98402 49266
answer Jan 24 by S.rajahgopaal
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Is it good . If we exit the flat then the direction is north East and when we enter it is south west. Is it good . Pls reply
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My flat is facing main door in SW direction, what according to the vastu for this main door direction flat?

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I am in process of buying a flat in toronto. Below are the location of respective spaces.
1. Master bedroom room - north west
2. Second bedroom - north
3. Third bedroom  - south east or east
4. Kitchen - south east or south
5. Living - north east
6. Balcony - North east
7. Toilet 1 - south
8. Toilet 2 - south west
9. ENTRY - west (south west corner)

Do you suggest to buy this flat?

Thanks and Regards
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My Birth star is purva phalguni,and simha raasi. Can u please suggest which direction if entrance is favour for me to buy a flat.
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I am a HR Manager recently I have left my job because of salary delay issues with the company I had recently joined that company and worked there for six months but now I am jobless and need a job urgently I am aslo shifting my current residence so help me with some Vastu gyan so that will help me to get a job fadyet and have a good money backup in future. Awaiting response.Jai Shri Krishna
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