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remedies for three missing corners in same flat - SE, SW and NW

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please tell me remedies

Flat facing east from quadrant 1 ( ENE)

Missing corners - North west, south west and south east.

Bathroom in Nw and North

Kitchen in SE

Balcony in south east

bedroom in south and south west.

can I mail detailed Map with directions?


Rajjiv Saigal


posted Aug 26 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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It seems to be that you have major vastu defects.  In general nothing will take place in your life.  This is because of poor vastu energy level.  You may have the following problems

-  Unhappiness in family

- Health problem in your family.

- financial problem

Don't worry any type of defects we can correct without demolition by installing the suitable energy materials.

For missing corners also can be corrected.

Now you are in managable situation.  You do it correction as early as possible.  Otherwise your problem will continue.





answer Aug 27 by S.rajahgopaal
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remedies for toilet in southeast and kitchen in northeast and bedroom in northwest

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