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Switching into textile business from diamond merchant.

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Hi, my DOB is 4th may,1987. I am into textile dealing wanted to know is this work suitable for me and some vaastu tips to flourish my work area.
posted Jun 19 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Answer :

According to your DOB And Vastu Shashtra your work switching into textile business is suitable for you. You should follow some following Vastu tips for your good work and your future.

Your most suitable dates are 4, 13,22,31 days are Saturday , Sunday, Monday and colours are  blue, khaki and brown. You should always all the above maintain tips for good work.

Your favourable God is God Ganesh , so you should always pray/worship God Ganesh.

The time 21st march to 28th august and 10th July to 20th August  each year is suitable for you. You begin new job in this time.

Your suitable ratana is Neelam. You should use neelam(6 rayh's) with panch dhatu on right's hand middle finger.

In your work place/office/workshop you should sit at South West corner facing East and North.
answer Jun 29 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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Dear sir,

We deal in export and import business. We got SCO which is two sided open in west and south direction. Entrance can be west and south. we just got it on rent and preparing it for office use. we are three partners in this business and all are willing to work hard to get it started, but i am a little bit nervous about the beginning and growth of business.

I always believe in vastu. Please suggest me, what should be the sitting and other arrangements to grow and succeed in future.


Sukhvinder singh


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