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My DOB:- is 26/03/1985 time :- 11:30 am, what sort f business will suit to me and when I can get marry

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My DOB:- is 26/03/1985 time :- 11:30 am, what sort f business will suit to me and when I can get marry
posted Jun 3 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Hi ,

This community focuses on Vastu related questions.

Please post astrology related queries in for quick response.

answer Jun 7 by Maruthi
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According to 26 march 1985 and vastu sastra you are suitable business in red, green and yellow colour related things. Such as clothes electric materials, grocery, etc. for increasing for business days by days. you should follow some following vastu tips.

  1. you should begin your business on the date 9,18,27 days tuesday, friday in each month.
  2. your favourable time is 15th march t 15th april and 31st october to 14th november. each year. so always use in your business purpose.
  3. The article which are red, green, yellow and white in color you should begins your business.
  4. You suitable god is hunaman , so you should pry him daily.
  5. your marriage time is in 2018 after the month of march.
  6. you should read human chalisha daily for your marriage and business 
answer Jun 22 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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Puneet Khanna
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