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How to Improve Father-Son Relationship In A Home

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Vastu Shastra, the science from ancient Hindu scriptures and vedas of India, can be used to create a harmonious and stress-free life. From happy married lives, to success in career or even cordial family relations, Vastu can play a big role. Let’s see how we can use it to improve a father-son relationship.

Today, we often hear news of father and son moving to court or committing crime over property, inheritance and financial issues. Sometimes, the father doesn’t support love marriage decision taken by his son. These problems have become a common place in India. Today, let’s take the help of vastu and see if this problem can be approached from that angle.

According to vastu shastras, some energy doshas in the house can lead to differences between father and son. Some remedies have also been described to cancel it.

In astrology, Sun represents father and Sun rises in the East. So, in houses where East direction is affected, unfair, imbalanced and tough relationship may occur between father and son, and the son may develop ill-will towards his father.

  1. For a sweet relationship between father and son, North East direction should not have kitchen, toilet or store room. Also, this direction should not be elevated otherwise, the two would accuse and blame each other unnecessarily.
  2. You should not place electronic or other items that produce heat, in the North-East direction. Doing so, creates rift between father and son.
  3. Placing dustbins in the North-East direction of home creates friction and jealousy between father and son. 
  4. Any land or house that does not allow light to enter from the East direction causes differences between father and son. Avoiding buying houses with such defect.
  5. If a plot is narrow in the North and East direction, and wide in the South and West, then disputes and estrangements arise frequently in such a house.
  6. According to Vaastu, keeping the North-East corner of the house clean brings peace and harmony in the family.
posted May 10, 2017 by anonymous

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