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Money related proble.

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Me and my husband have a real estate office. We are not able to make business. When ever we fix appointments either of the party is not available.  Sometimes we reach till the end of the deal and for some or the other reason deal gets cancelled.  We are facing terrible financial related problems.  Pls guide.
posted Feb 25 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Answer : 

According to Vatu Shastra to remove money related problem you should follow some following vastu tips : 

1. You office plot should be proper place and their office is East or North Facing. 

2. A picture of god Ganesh and goddess Luxmi should be in North East corner. 

3. Electric articles, Electrics meter and etc at South East cornet. 

4. You should sit at West South corner and facing East or North. 

5. Your computer laptop etc should be in front of your face. 

6. The main table should be your right side with files and other things.

7. A Kubera Yantra or Shree Yantra should be stick in North - East corner. 

8. You should pry god/goddess and gain begin your business then your business give more good results. 


answer Mar 3 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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sir, i have furniture showroom shoth west. i am facing financial problems from 7 years. befor that i am financially good. always there is a burden of debtors and loans.. suggest me the vastu to earn good money. my DOB IS 4/10/1974
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Dear sir,

We deal in export and import business. We got SCO which is two sided open in west and south direction. Entrance can be west and south. we just got it on rent and preparing it for office use. we are three partners in this business and all are willing to work hard to get it started, but i am a little bit nervous about the beginning and growth of business.

I always believe in vastu. Please suggest me, what should be the sitting and other arrangements to grow and succeed in future.


Sukhvinder singh


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how to decide vastu purush grid in this situation? i have only option from south entry.

is south facing office table for owner is good?

Pl reply.

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