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I'm jobless, willing to start a plywood hardware wholesale business

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I completed my engineering 3 years ago, I stay with my mom in our own house, I wasted 1 year after my degree, searched for job and worked for 10months, we have a family business which my cousin brother is looking after and I don't have that much intent concern about family business, now I am thinking to enter in new business that is wooden products, hardware, wholesale. Tell me what is the best time? What changes have to be made in my vastu to achieve success?
posted Jan 5 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Answer :

To achieve success for plywood Hardware(Wooden product) according to Vastu Shashtra you should follow the following tips.

  1. You should begin this business on Bipani Vyapar muhurta (business muhurta ) such as Ravi puchya yoga , Guru pushya yoga .
  2. In your shop/mall the puja place should be at north east corner , Owners chair is in south east corner facing north or east .
  3.  Kuber yantra should be at north direction on the wall.
  4. Cash Box and other main document should be right side of owner .
  5. At talking/discuss time to the customer your face should be towards north .
answer Mar 16 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra