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Borewell in west

+1 vote
Borewell in the west
posted Jan 4 by anonymous

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2 Answers

+1 vote
Borewell should be in NE, East, or North. 
Direction of bore well/ tank         Rating


North-east                                        8

East                                                  7

North                                                6

North-west                                       5

West                                                4

South                                              3

South-east                                     2

South-west / Centre                      1

answer Jan 4 by anonymous
0 votes


Vastu Shashtra indicates about bore well and other sources of water in East, East North East and North.The second options is West. The direction of source of water and it's result given below;

Direction                -----         Results 

East                       -----         Receiving Health Wealth.

South East             -----          Disease unexpected death.

South West            -----          Borrowing mentally Disturbance 

West                      ----          Sources of many types of wealth.

North West             -----          Increasing enemy and thiefness

North                     -----          The best standard of living.

North East             -----          The best place of bore well receiving health, wealth and wise

Central Place         -----          Losing of economic related things.


answer Jan 5 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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