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Main entrance door for southwest plot

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    I belongs to Pali city in rajasthan. First of all I confused for which type direction follow for Pali city .my plot size is 50* facing in south west is double road plot.can u plz guide for best vastu for main entrance gate .......
posted Dec 23, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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The main Entrance should be all of the direction. East to East North East, South to East South South, West to West South West and North to North North West.Here is a map according to your plot size given plan. 

Above this map marked place suitable for main entrance. Rectangular plot which is longer ( South North ) than East and West most suitable for build a house/flat.This South facing house South to South South East direction and West facing house West to West South West direction is a best and perfect main entrance . 

answer Jan 5, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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Is south side 50 feet? And west side 30 feet?

All the directions are auspicious as per vastu and at the same time, each direction will have certain principle to follow, while constructing a house.
For south facing house also, if entrance is towards SE direction, it's considered to be good.
If you divide your south wall in nine equal portion from SE to SW, first 4 portion are good to have entrance. 4th portion from SE is the best for south facing home. 1st to 3rd are also ok. 5th till 9th, we should avoid as an entrance for south facing home.

If you can send plan of your house, better analysis can be done on that and other areas of your house like bedroom, kitchen, balconies, toilets etc. All these things do mater, not just the entrance.



answer Dec 29, 2016 by anonymous
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I have a east facing plot with east wall of 54 ft.I want to construct my house touching north wall so that there are garden space left in south.If i want to construct house with front of 30 ft,as per vastu where will it be the best position  of main door? 27 ft away from north wall or 15 ft away from north wall??? The main entry to the plot is SE,is there any adverse  effect of that??
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Is it good or bad and what to do and what not to do for this
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Main entrance door in 5th Pada of a North facing house is supposed to be best. This Pada 5 is meant to be in the building or its to be of the plot? Further if its to of the building, does it mean house building alone or it includes garage/servant quarters on the East of the main building?

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