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Main entrance door of North facing house in a North facing plot.

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Main entrance door in 5th Pada of a North facing house is supposed to be best. This Pada 5 is meant to be in the building or its to be of the plot? Further if its to of the building, does it mean house building alone or it includes garage/servant quarters on the East of the main building?

posted Dec 23, 2016 by Yarfe Singh

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2 Answers

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We would request you to please share your house plan.



answer Dec 29, 2016 by Team Vastu
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pada 5th or center is good for the entrance and it is meant for the main building. 

You can also consider entrance from the center of north till east (leaving corner)

North-East section of North direction is good and reason is to have morning sun, fresh light and air to enter the home from East. You can also have a window near North-East corner.

  • Make the main door of a home the largest door.
  • A two shuttered main door opening inside and clockwise is auspicious.
  • Main door must be above ground level and not below in any case.
  • Have entrance at least a feet away from any corner.


answer Dec 29, 2016 by anonymous