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my house is facing north and then my main entrance and door where it should be?

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posted Dec 11, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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North Facing Plot – What Vastu Says About It

North facing plots are considered auspicious as per vastu.

Also, as per same vastu, it’s the placement of main door/entrance and other rooms of a home that makes it auspicious or inauspicious; however, a huge importance given to the main door.

Having said that, things are a bit different with North facing houses; since North direction, in vastu shastra, is believed to be auspicious, the placement of door at any location in North side is considered good. However, even for North facing houses, there are vastu rules and guidelines that – must be – followed.

North Facing House Vastu – The Placement of Main Door/Entrance

As per north facing house vastu, you can place main door at any location in North side and it’s not going to harm you at least. However, there are 9 steps in North side of a house all having different auspiciousness; we’ve discussed this below.

Here, I must also tell you that the most auspicious step of North side, for accumulating wealth and riches, is the 5th one; now, in order to understand step, all you need to do is it to have a good look at the image below.

North Facing House Vastu Padas

In the image above you can see that the North part (the length from North-East to North-West) is divided in 9 equal parts. Each part is called as "pada" or step in vastu shastra.

Also, you – must have – noticed that only “pada” numbered 5 is in green color and the pada’s to the right i.e. pada number 1, 2, 3 and 4 are in blue color whereas the remaining pada’s, from 6 to 9 are in orange color.

Here’s what all this means

  1. The 5th pada (green one) is the best and the most auspicious for entrance or main door of a north facing home. It’s the location of Kuber (the God of wealth) and attracts money. 
  2. The pada’s 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the ones that you can use (for entrance/main door) if pada 5 alone is small. But make sure to include pada 5 along with padas 4, 3, 2 or 1. If you’re using space up to pada 1, then make sure that the entrance/main door doesn’t touch the NE corner. Leave at least 6 inches of space from NE wall.
  3. The pada’s 6 to 9 are the ones that can be used if there’s no option to place the main door in any other padas.

North Facing House Vastu – 9 Don’ts

  1. Avoid a toilet in the NE corner.
  2. Avoid bedroom in NE corner.
  3. Avoid a septic tank in NE corner.  
  4. Avoid staircase in North side of the home especially from padas 1st to 5th.
  5. Avoid having a kitchen in NE corner.
  6. Avoid a plot that slopes from North to South.
  7. Avoid big trees in North side of the house.
  8. Avoid having clutter, dirt, dustbins etc. towards North and NE.
  9. Avoid a cut in NE corner.

North Facing House Vastu – 10 Do’s

  1. Place the main door in 5th pada; this’ll give lots of wealth.
  2. You can place entrance in padas 4th to 1st if pada 5 alone is small.
  3. Make walls in North and East slightly shorter and thinner than South and West.
  4. Make sure that kitchen is in SE or NW.
  5. Face East (in SE kitchen) and West (in NW kitchen) while cooking.
  6. Make a Pooja room in NE corner.
  7. You can make a living room in NE corner.
  8. Make a guest bedroom in NW.
  9. Choose a plot that slopes from South to North.
  10. Make the master bedroom in SW.
answer Dec 13, 2016 by anonymous
thanks a lot sir for home plan made same as per ur view.pooja room seperately place between kitchen and living hall east it right?
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Is having your main door on north wall...same as facing north wall or the entrance in north, please explain?
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