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In flat/apartment ,is it necessary the main entrance in N/E or East direction?

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In a flat/apartment sunrays do not come from main entrance, it come from front or balcony of flat.So in flat/apartment is main entrance in N/E or E necessary or the front/balcony should be considerd in N/E or E direction as the sun rays come in whole flat from front/balcony.

posted Oct 28, 2016 by anonymous

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3 Answers

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That's why you can't decide about the Vastu based on few parameters. For a proper Vastu, all the important facts about the property need to be there.

Your Q is correct, in a flat, if East direction main door opens in the corridor and there is no direct sunlight there, which means, your East is blocked.

answer Oct 28, 2016 by anonymous
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Vastu Shashtra tells us main entrance should be North-East and East, West and South direction. North East and East direction of East facing main door are better then West and South direction door.

 The East facing main door is beneficial in economical and Successful in all works. It is helps us government works. 

North facing doors helps in  Patrick wealth, Religions matter and increasing generation. If main door is between West and West West South. It also useful developing wealth, increasing age and satisfactory. 

South facing main door is also beneficial for business man. It helps in increasing business and developing money. 

There for all direction are suitable for main entrance. It is not necessary for North and North, East and East direction.

answer Dec 19, 2016 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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Now a days it is very difficult to get the main door directions as you like. But whatever may as I said already, if the main door entrance is whether it is NORTH, NE, EAST, SOUTH OR NW, it should be in positive zone only.for having balcony on the east side is good for you.

You should see the other rooms, kitchen, toilet all as per the vaasthu norms.


vaasthu & cosmic energy consultant


answer Oct 23 by S.rajahgopaal
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