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what if north east is very near to toilet? can we keep pooja item connected to toilet wall?

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posted Sep 4, 2016 by anonymous

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3 Answers

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If possible, toilet should be removed from that place. Its a major defect as per vaastu.
answer Sep 4, 2016 by anonymous
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Puja room should not be connected to the toilet wall
answer Sep 4, 2016 by anonymous
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According to Vastu Shashtra  Toilet suitable place is South South West and East South East. If North East the Very Near of toilet than if is it possible to remove it at proper place. When it is not possible than in pooja room wall which towards the toilet to build a sub wall or 2 feet form original wall. 

In pooja room borne a yellow coloured bulb and in toilet a red coloured bulb always use. Pooja items should not keep in toilet connected wall. It should keep the other side of wall. A metal Thread should be fix in any side of wall. 




answer Jan 5 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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North facing house, the north east block can be used as open to sky in first floor.
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Dear Sir,
Our flat is having a toilet in the north east corner and another toilet in the east side. The kitchen is in the west side. I understand this is not compliant as per Vastu. What is the remedy to negate this dosha
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Sir my house is facing north east 40 degree and somebody told that we can apply same vasthu as house facing north exactly, if house is between north and north-east is that true? Thank you sir.

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